Marijuana Media: Several States Passed Ballot Initiatives Legalizing Cannabis

Marijuana, not politics, is the winner of the 2016 election

Jay Lauren

2016 Election summary: voters overwhelmingly support patients’ rights in medical states; recreational marijuana passes in 4 states

Medical Marijuana Ballot Measures in the 2016 Election

Florida, Amendment 2

The Florida vote on Amendment 2, passed with 71% in favor of introducing medical marijuana in the Sunshine State. Florida state law requires a minimum 60% voter approval for ballot amendments – this had fallen just short during the previous vote in 2014, when it only achieved 57% in support.

The 2016 election’s huge swing in voter sentiment is a strong measure of how much the dialogue concerning marijuana has changed since 2014, as well as perceptions about medical acceptance and need for patient access. The vote in the 2014 election was drowned out by fear-mongering and anti-marijuana hype, rather than being focused on patients’ rights and choice.

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