Marijuana Media: Several States Passed Ballot Initiatives Legalizing Cannabis

Marijuana, not politics, is the winner of the 2016 election

Jay Lauren

2016 Election summary: voters overwhelmingly support patients’ rights in medical states; recreational marijuana passes in 4 states

Medical Marijuana Ballot Measures in the 2016 Election

Florida, Amendment 2

The Florida vote on Amendment 2, passed with 71% in favor of introducing medical marijuana in the Sunshine State. Florida state law requires a minimum 60% voter approval for ballot amendments – this had fallen just short during the previous vote in 2014, when it only achieved 57% in support.

The 2016 election’s huge swing in voter sentiment is a strong measure of how much the dialogue concerning marijuana has changed since 2014, as well as perceptions about medical acceptance and need for patient access. The vote in the 2014 election was drowned out by fear-mongering and anti-marijuana hype, rather than being focused on patients’ rights and choice.

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The Push for Marijuana Legalization Lands at the DNC

Marijuana has slowly been gaining legal status one state at a time. This November, Americans in five states will have the opportunity to vote for the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. Those states are Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada. Another four states—Arkansas, Florida, Montana and North Dakota— will vote on legalizing medical marijuana.

Recently, the American Trade Association for Cannabis and Hemp (ATACH) took their enthusiastic stance on legalization to the political arena by discussing it at the Democratic National Convention. Politicians and pot industry executives alike had the chance to address the issue in an attempt to convince those voting states to pass their bills.

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Jane Launches a Faster Way for Dispensary Customers to Shop

Jane Xpress combines mobile app ordering and in-store self-service tablets to give customers a more convenient way to shop at their favorite dispensary

DENVER, CO—Jane, the express ordering and payment kiosk platform that helps cannabis retailers serve more customers and sell more product, announced that they have launched a new solution called Jane Xpress. Leveraging the effectiveness of mobile and self-service ordering technology, Jane Xpress empowers cannabis retailers with a set of tools to meet the needs of today’s perpetually on-the-go consumer.

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Jane Joins Forces With The American Trade Association of Cannabis And Hemp (ATACH) To Promote Compliance For The Cannabis Industry

As Chair of ATACH’s Newly Formed Banking Committee, Jane will Collaborate with ATACH to Champion Industry Standards for Financial Services and Compliance

DENVER, CO—Jane, the express ordering kiosk solution that helps cannabis retailers serve more customers and sell more product, announced that they have become the newest member of the American Trade Association of Cannabis and Hemp (ATACH). ATACH is the industry’s leading voice at the forefront of expanding the cannabis and hemp marketplace.

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Improve Your Dispensary’s Appeal, Efficiency and Revenues

Running a dispensary in today’s quickly-evolving atmosphere is not quite as easy as it used to be. There was a time when the old adage, “If you build it, they will come” was very true. Now, dispensary owners are dealing with increasing competition, consolidation and extremely savvy consumers. As markets continue to mature, the fight to engage and retain customers/patients will continue to get more intense.

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Jane Announces Canna Security America as their Preferred Vendor for Cash Transport To Further Enhance Security and Compliance For Cannabis Retailers

This collaboration continues to expand Jane’s solution to better serve the needs of licensed medical and recreational dispensary owners

DENVER, CO—Jane, the cash management kiosk solution for cannabis retailers, announced a strategic partnership with Canna Security America (CSA), to provide armored cash pick up and transport services to Jane’s medical and recreational dispensary clients.

One of the key benefits of the Jane solution is the security it provides cannabis retailers. All transactions taking place through Jane are protected in a casino-grade internal cash vault behind the heavy-duty steel construction of the kiosk — drastically reducing the potential for internal theft, human error or robbery.

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Jane Announces Program That Combines Banking, Transport and Cash Management

The Jane “Triple Play” is unlocking banking for the cannabis industry

Jane, the kiosk solution for cannabis retailers, announced an exclusive program that combines Banking, Cash Transport and Cash Management. The all-in-one solution solves the biggest challenge facing licensed medical and recreational dispensaries today — limited access to legitimate banking.

Cannabis retailers are forced to run their business without traditional banking and financial services. This creates very real challenges around safety, security, cash management and running an efficient business. It also puts a massive strain on resources and takes employee focus away from what is most important — customers.

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One Woman’s Perspective on the Women Grow Leadership Summit

One Woman’s Perspective on the Women Grow Leadership Summit

Women Grow. And this massive industry might be the first to be dominated by women.

Two clear messages of the awe-inspiring Women Grown Leadership Summit. As a woman in the industry it was a privilege to attend the event, which promised to be insightful but exceeded expectations. An opera house full of over a thousand women, including some big names like Lynette Shaw and Melissa Etheridge, sounds intimidating yet each one was as powerful as the next. In a TED Talks style, the event was jam packed with acumen. Big names, big ideas, and big stories all offering an array of wisdom, with one commonality – Empowerment. Read more

10 Ways Jane’s Reporting Helps Dispensary Owners

In the most complex regulatory environment in the history of retail, compliance is critical. Having the ability to track every transaction, across all your dispensaries is a must for your accountants, the government, banks and credit card companies. Jane’s Transaction Reporting Portal provides you with that transparency in real-time and allows you to account for every purchase down the penny. It also provides you with the financial data that you need on a daily basis to run your business more effectively and efficiently.

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Institutional Investor: Cannabis Economy Lags Behind Legalization

Marijuana businesses are mostly unbanked, creating new safety and legal questions in an industry working to shake off its outlaw image… Read more