Jane Launches a Faster Way for Dispensary Customers to Shop

Jane Xpress combines mobile app ordering and in-store self-service tablets to give customers a more convenient way to shop at their favorite dispensary

DENVER, CO—Jane, the express ordering and payment kiosk platform that helps cannabis retailers serve more customers and sell more product, announced that they have launched a new solution called Jane Xpress. Leveraging the effectiveness of mobile and self-service ordering technology, Jane Xpress empowers cannabis retailers with a set of tools to meet the needs of today’s perpetually on-the-go consumer.

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Jane Joins Forces With The American Trade Association of Cannabis And Hemp (ATACH) To Promote Compliance For The Cannabis Industry

As Chair of ATACH’s Newly Formed Banking Committee, Jane will Collaborate with ATACH to Champion Industry Standards for Financial Services and Compliance

DENVER, CO—Jane, the express ordering kiosk solution that helps cannabis retailers serve more customers and sell more product, announced that they have become the newest member of the American Trade Association of Cannabis and Hemp (ATACH). ATACH is the industry’s leading voice at the forefront of expanding the cannabis and hemp marketplace.

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Business Insider: The multibillion-dollar marijuana industry could soon come out of the ‘gray market’

The Senate Appropriations Committee voted on Thursday to allow banks to provide financial services to legal recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries, according to The Denver Post.

Marijuana is still listed as a Schedule 1 substance by the federal government, so marijuana businesses in states where recreational use is legal, like Colorado, are forced to operate on an all-cash basis.

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Kiosk Marketplace: Cannabis kiosks. The next revolution in self-service

The effort to legalize marijuana for medicinal or recreational usage has been long, but it is finally bearing fruit. Marijuana is legal for recreational use in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Colorado and the District of Columbia.

However, banks refuse to deal with the marijuana industry because cannabis remains on the federal list of banned substances, and acquiring and processing payments for it could put a bank at risk for AML/KYC prosecution. As a result, legal marijuana businesses cannot accept debit or credit cards.

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Creditcards.com: Marijuana businesses find card processing still elusive

Marijuana entrepreneurs who want to process credit card transactions through a bank will have to adopt a key strategy for the time being: Patience.

Despite anecdotal reports that there are banks that are processing the transactions legally, experts say that this solution has been elusive.

“There is no credit card processing to my understanding at this time that is legitimate,” says Leslie Bocskor, managing partner at Electrum Partners LLC, a boutique consulting firm in Las Vegas specializing in the marijuana industry, and founding chairman of the Nevada Cannabis Industry Association. As a result, many owners of marijuana businesses must still rely on a cash-only model, which can be difficult because of the risks of robbery, internal theft and record keeping mistakes.

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Jane Announces Canna Security America as their Preferred Vendor for Cash Transport To Further Enhance Security and Compliance For Cannabis Retailers

This collaboration continues to expand Jane’s solution to better serve the needs of licensed medical and recreational dispensary owners

DENVER, CO—Jane, the cash management kiosk solution for cannabis retailers, announced a strategic partnership with Canna Security America (CSA), to provide armored cash pick up and transport services to Jane’s medical and recreational dispensary clients.

One of the key benefits of the Jane solution is the security it provides cannabis retailers. All transactions taking place through Jane are protected in a casino-grade internal cash vault behind the heavy-duty steel construction of the kiosk — drastically reducing the potential for internal theft, human error or robbery.

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NexChange: These fintech startups solve the budding pot industry’s banking problem

As legalization spreads across the U.S., marijuana is becoming big business. Startups keen to capitalize on cannabis have sprouted up all over the country and the plant’s popularity as a medicinal aid and a recreational drug is growing. But it’s not an easy business.

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Jane Announces Program That Combines Banking, Transport and Cash Management

The Jane “Triple Play” is unlocking banking for the cannabis industry

Jane, the kiosk solution for cannabis retailers, announced an exclusive program that combines Banking, Cash Transport and Cash Management. The all-in-one solution solves the biggest challenge facing licensed medical and recreational dispensaries today — limited access to legitimate banking.

Cannabis retailers are forced to run their business without traditional banking and financial services. This creates very real challenges around safety, security, cash management and running an efficient business. It also puts a massive strain on resources and takes employee focus away from what is most important — customers.

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Boulder Weekly: Risky Business, Part 1 Banking in the Marijuana Industry

For a bank, analyzing the risk of onboarding a cannabis business as a client is complicated. The legal marijuana industry is emerging and comes with its share of immaturities — the lack of historical data makes it difficult to study the past or predict the future of the market. This is also what makes it so attractive. Among the fastest growing industries in the country, a bank that can successfully onboard marijuana accounts stands to prosper tomorrow from what is risky business today.

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Cashinbis: 10 Essential Technologies for Cannabis Dispensary Owners

While recreational cannabis for adults is legal in a couple of states, medical dispensaries still dominate the industry landscape nationally; and, the ancillary services companies that do business with them are some of the biggest upcoming brands to watch in the industry.

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