Improve Your Dispensary’s Appeal, Efficiency and Revenues

Running a dispensary in today’s quickly-evolving atmosphere is not quite as easy as it used to be. There was a time when the old adage, “If you build it, they will come” was very true. Now, dispensary owners are dealing with increasing competition, consolidation and extremely savvy consumers. As markets continue to mature, the fight to engage and retain customers/patients will continue to get more intense.

Having spent hundreds of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a dispensary business off the ground, how do business owners intend on protecting their existing customer base, while continuing to grow through these challenging times?

Savvy dispensary owners are looking at ‘mainstream retail’ for answers. One of the fastest growing trends in retail is self-service. For consumers who know what they want, self-service technology provides a faster, more efficient alternative to traditional one on one transactions. In addition, statistics show an increase in the average transaction amount by up to 30% when self-service technology is employed.

There is also a positive affect on employee efficiency. Employees are now able to focus more attention on helping customers that require a one-on-one interaction. During peak hours, wait times are drastically reduced making it possible to drastically increase the number of transactions, while decreasing abandonment. At this point, self-service technology becomes a significant source of additional revenue.

With the availability of self-service options in movie theaters, fast food restaurants, airports and big-box retailers, many consumers have come to expect it. Solutions including Jane are an affordable way to give consumers who know what they want, the ability to have a self service ordering and/or payment experience through kiosks, mobile apps and ordering tablets. This type of convenience and efficiency increases engagement, retention, efficiency, consumer loyalty and revenues. This is a winning recipe for long term success.