ABC 7: Marijuana Kiosks. Ganjapreneur Sells Machines

Written by: Anica Padilla 9:28 AM, May 14, 2015

DENVER – A new kind of kiosk could change how marijuana dispensaries do business.

Dispensaries are cash-only businesses, which creates concern about theft and robberies.

The new kiosks work like a cash register and a vault – it accepts the money from customers and keeps it out of workers’ hands.

“We’re basically solving most of the problems that dispensaries face today,” said Karla Guarino, kiosk owner. “Whether that’s reconciliation at the end of the day, anxiety experienced by the bud tender in just having to manage the cash, the IRS tax purposes.”

The kiosks have already been installed in a handful of Colorado dispensaries.

The kiosk owners are now working to expand into Oregon and Washington.

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